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Natural and quality products


TRIDENAL SRL is the young, dynamically developing company. Main activities represent horticulture and production of fruit trees.

Our team - is a creative team of professionals, who, first of all love their job and passionately solve any task related to the improvement of the quality and competitiveness of grown products.

From our own experience, modern methods and technologies, TRIDENAL SRL can provide you with a large selection of top quality fruits with excellent taste - the real taste of fruits.

Why choose us?

To produce only natural, safe and high-quality products as well as customer orientation, maximum satisfaction of its needs.
We grow modern varieties of cherries, apricots, plums and pears, created by well-known breeders of France, Italy, Canada and the United States. For the production of healthy seedlings, we use certified virus-free rootstock from Italy and Greece.
The main goal of TRIDENAL SRL, is to create a competitive, modern and prospective businesses in the agricultural sector of Moldova.

Our principles

  • Continuous improvement of quality and competitiveness of products
  • Compliance with laws and regulations on product safety
  • Expansion of the product range
  • Increasing of production volumes
  • Implementation of innovations
  • Education of ambitious, hard-working, competent team of associates.

Our specialization

Fruit saplings

About us

Based on personal experience, using modern varieties and rootstocks, we are happy to help you to create your dream Fruit Garden.


  • Moldova, Criuleni,
       31 August 1989, 177
  • Phone: +373 68200628
  • Email: info@tridenal.md