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Noiabriskaia Xenia

Noiabriskaia (Xenia)

Excellent taste quality.

FRISCO sweet cherry

FRISCO (cov)

Good balance between yield and size.

Pricia Carmingo apricot

Pricia Carmingo®

Early and self fertile variety

Faralia Carmingo

Faralia Carmingo®

Variety with a good size of fruits and very good production.

Kaiser Bosch

Kaiser (Bosch)

Good quality and storage potential of the fruit.

Farbaly Carmingo

Farbaly Carmingo®

Is very interesting for the ripening time.

Kioto apricot


Self fertile with late blooming time. Very productive.

Pinkcot Cotpy Apricot

Pinkcot® Cotpy

Apricot variety with amazing fruits.

Spring Blush®

Is good for a lot of production areas.

PACIFIC RED sweet cherry


Early cherry. Fruit is big, firm, with a very good taste.

NIMBA sweet cherry

NIMBA (cov)

Is a very early cherry

ROCKET sweet cherry

ROCKET (cov)

Great storage capacity, large size and very attractive fruit.

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